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i dont know

I got so much on my mind. so many decisions to make. Ive always been terrible at making decisions. I either refuse to do it and let someone else do it for me or I seem to make the wrong one. These are huge decisions I need to make. I just dont want to keep doing it wrong. I feel so alone. I cant trust anyone, everyone these days is a nosey gossip. I feel like I have no true friends to turn to. Somehow I know its my own fault. But it still hurts to think no one calls me, no one asks me how I am doing, how I am feeling. No one calls me up and says “Hey let’s go do …” I miss having real friends I miss having people really care. I try to care and listen to others. I try to be giving, loving, and a secret keeper.But it gets me no where but a head full of their crap and they feel better and I feel lost. help me

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