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Gonna Go Cold Turkey!!

With the sugar that is! I’m so darn addicted to SUGAR! All day everyday. Cake, ice cream, candy, chocolate. You name it!

If I had any self control I’d limit myself to one treat a day. But anyone who knows me knows I have no self control when it comes to food! One taste is all it takes and I am on a downward spiral into a sugar coma!

So, starting tomorrow I’m quitting cold turkey! Wish me luck and Say a prayer!

Water Does WHAT?!

Not able to lose the weight? Even with exercise AND Dieting??

Are you drinking enough water?

Did you know your body will hold on to water and reuse it? If your body isn’t getting enough WATER it stores what it has, causing swelling and water weight. If you drink water on a regulr basis your body has no need for store water in our ankles, knees, face, belly.

Water is needed for your muscles.

Water flushes and disovles fat!

Water boosts your metabolisim!

Water cleans out all the toxins in your body! Which means clearer skin, healthy hair and nails. Firmer skin! Tighter muscles!!

Your body NEEDs at LEAST 64oz a day!

Here are some tips to drink more water…

Drink 16oz first thing in the morning before breakfast (gives you a quick wake up energy boost without the caffine!!) it will curb your hunger too!

Keep a large 32oz cup by you all day and sip sip sip!

Use a straw.

For me a glass of cold water in the morning is good and cold if I’m hot. But keeping room temp water the rest of the day makes it easier to drink more!

If you sip water all day Feel free to have a caffine free drink with your meals. Caffine will work against all the water your drinking!

I’m Gonna Do It!

Well since no ones going to do it for me I guess I’m gonna do it myself!

Got to get motivated to lose the weight! Going to get a walk in, do a little strength and stretching.

I think I may need to start doing my Power 90 dvds again! I don’t really enjoy doing them everyday BUT I can judge my fitness level when I do. I can notice the changes when I do something daily.

Usually when I do my videos I can start off making it half way through, then 3/4 way, then all the way, then all the way without getting tired at all.

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